Axly overview

Welcome to Axly, a leveraged yield farming DeFi protocol built on the Waves blockchain. Designed to maximize capital efficiency, Axly offers a range of innovative features, including high-intensity farming and interest-generating targeted loans.

Whether you're a farmer or a lender, Axly provides exciting opportunities to enhance your earnings.

Key features for farmers:

  • Explore lucrative farming positions in featured liquidity pools on and WX Network.

  • Benefit from auto compounding, which reinvests your farming rewards in SWOP or WX tokens, amplifying your income.

  • Multiply your investments with borrowed assets provided by the leverage option to achieve higher yields.

  • [Coming soon] Set stop-loss to enable automatic closure of farming positions if the price of pooled tokens changes unfavorably.

Key features for lenders:

  • Deposit a single asset, such as WAVES, USDT, or XTN, without worrying about impermanent loss risks.

  • Get income generated from borrowing interest paid by farmers.

  • Rest easy knowing that borrowed assets are invested in liquidity pools under the secure control of Axly smart contracts, eliminating the risk of non-repayment.

Discover the possibilities and secure returns with Axly, where DeFi innovation meets reliable performance.

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